Does your NPO need more funds?

That’s a rhetorical question if I ever heard one! Is there any non-profit that wouldn’t benefit from more money?

I can search for your organization’s unidentified funds directly — that’s a free service — or I can try to locate money for private individuals or businesses that approach me if they agree to donate 10% of any money I find for them to you.

Refer your supporters to this site and I’ll search for money for them for a nominal fee. If I find any, I’ll let them know how to claim it and I’ll send you a notification at the same time (with the individual’s consent, of course) so that you can follow up and get 10% for your organization.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe that this is the most effective way for me to make a positive contribution to society.


  • Your charity gets funds
  • Your supporters receive unexpected money from which they can make contributions to you in these difficult times
  • I get to feel great!

To learn more about where the money comes from and how I find it, simply read the pages on the rest of my site. This is not secret knowledge. No privacy laws are broken. Anyone can do what I do, but not many people try.

Let’s work together for the good of society.


Rochelle Treister

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