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I’m not a great organizer or motivator, I hate committee work, and I’m not rich enough to be a major philanthropist. But I do have a talent that I can put at the service of charities. I know where billions of dollars of unclaimed money are just waiting to be put to good use.

I decided that the biggest contribution I could make to non-profits would be to help them get back their own lost funds. Many non-profits have funds in bank accounts that they don’t know about.  How is that possible? Here are just a few ways:

  • A teacher opens a savings account to hold funds for a special classroom trip at the end of the school year. A small amount remains unspent after the event and the teacher is not comfortable pocketing the money. Years go by. The teacher retires. And the funds simply languish unused.
  • For convenience, a volunteer treasurer opens a second checking account in a non-profit’s name close to home, then forgets to close or disclose it at the end of his/her term as treasurer. The money in the account is left unused and abandoned in the bank.
  • An individual buys a savings bond for a favorite charity, but dies without informing the charity itself or putting the charity in his/her will.

As I thought about it, I realized that if I found unclaimed funds for individuals and businesses too, I could encourage them to give part of the money I return to them to charitable organizations and boost these organizations even more.

So that’s what this site is all about:

  • Finding unclaimed property for non-profits
  • Finding unclaimed property for individuals and encouraging them to donate a portion of their windfall to a charity of their choice
  • Finding unclaimed property for businesses and encouraging them to donate a portion of their windfall to a charity of their choice

That about covers it. Today I found over $25,000 for retirees in Tel Aviv. You could be next.

If you’d like to contribute a small amount to my Paypal account to help me keep this site going, I would certainly appreciate it. But first and foremost, please use part of your windfall to help a non-profit that is dear to your heart.

Let me know if you know the claimant.

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